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What is flirtalike all about?

Flirtalike is a mobile flirt community that connects you with other users based on your interests, activities or current mood, making it easy to find people that are just alike you! What makes us so different from the rest? Your activities and interests change throughout the day, and with Flirtalike you can find your perfect match for any given moment.

Flirt on your iPhone, Blackberry or Android smartphone

Our mobile flirt service works with all mobile devices like the IPhone, Android , Blackberry and most other smartphones.  Of course it also works on any PC or mac - however, since flirtalike is about your current status (like in twitter or facebook) it makes most sense to use it on devices that you carry with you.

Is flirtalike a mobile dating service?

Not really. On flirtalike it's all about that nice and innocuous flirt that everyone loves. No obligations - no need to feel guilty if you are in an active relationship. Our goal is not to match you with your partner for life, but just to provide you a really good time!

Why is flirting with flirtalike so successful?

Because with flirtalike you have a common topic to start talking about. Forget about hookup lines like “I like your smile”, “you are sexy” or “you're hot”. That’s so 2009. By using the statemate feature, you always have the suitable icebreaker for a *really* interesting conversation.

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